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Budget Pay Program

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Budget Pay is designed to spread your heating fuel costs throughout the year. No more large bills during the winter months! Coyne Oil & Propane will estimate usage based on previous heating seasons and calculate gallon needs multiplied by price per gallon. The payments are divided into the months remaining in the budget year. A budget year is June through May, with payments due by the 20th of each month. Any remaining balance must be paid by May 20 for the previous heating season. If a customer misses a payment, propane cannot be delivered until the account is current.

Fixed Price Program

Coyne Oil & Propane offers a fixed price contract from September 1 through April 30 each year, for any customer that is credit approved, with NO ENROLLMENT FEE! This program offers customers the ability to “fix” their price during the volatile winter months. Customer accounts must be kept current to receive the contract pricing. Contracted gallons are based on your three-year usage average.

Pre-Pay Program

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The Pre-Pay program allows customers to purchase the propane we estimate they will need between September 1 and April 30. A minimum purchase of 200 gallons is required and payment must be made in full. If additional propane is needed, it will be delivered at market price only after pre-paid supply is exhausted. This program will be available between June and August for the following season. Please call the office for additional details and availability.

Market Rate Program

Any customer that chooses not to participate in any of the contracted programs will be placed on “market rate” pricing. We will deliver our products to your home and will charge current market rate.

Pay at Time of Delivery Program

This program is available to customers who have not provided the appropriate information to establish a charge account; have not met the required credit rating; or payment status on account is not current. All Pay at Time of Delivery customers must pay ahead for the delivery; pay on day of delivery when driver arrives; or leave payment for driver in predetermined location. We request payments be made in our offices if possible.