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Propane Tanks and Monitors in Northern & Central Michigan

Coyne is your one-stop shop for all things propane!

propane tank monitors

Do you know if you own your propane tank? If it’s leased and you want to change propane-delivery companies, you’ll have to get a new tank.

Coyne Oil & Propane makes it easy with our Hassle-free Switch!

We’ll come and swap your current tank for a new, safe Coyne tank, for FREE! Our propane-tank leasing is affordable and relieves you of the responsibility and costs of propane-tank installation, maintenance and repairs.

Before we install your tank, we’ll discuss how you use propane in your home. That information, along with your home’s size, will help us determine the right size of propane tank to install.

Many people don’t want their tank to be visible, or for it to take up space in the yard. Coyne installs underground propane tanks. Only the tank dome is visible, allowing for propane delivery. Underground tanks are also virtually maintenance-free, aside from a required inspection every three years. We have on staff a service technician certified by the National Association of Cathodic Engineers who will perform the safety test of your underground propane tank.

We are committed to propane safety at Coyne. After we properly install your propane tank, we perform both a pressure test and a GAS (gas-appliance system) Check. A GAS Check is a certified safety-inspection program that thoroughly examines your entire propane system, from the tanks to the lines to all propane appliances.

Propane-tank monitors: The ultimate in peace of mind

Our wireless propane-tank monitors provide total control of your propane supply. You can know any time of day or night, anywhere you can get a wireless signal, exactly how much propane is in your tank. You can then call us to request a delivery before you run low.

Our Smart Keep Full automatic-delivery service takes that ease and convenience to the next level. We can monitor your propane usage round the clock and schedule the delivery for you. You don’t have to lift a finger, and you’ll know that Coyne will always get you the propane you need when you need it.

Another benefit of Smart Keep Full is that it comes with FREE wireless propane-tank monitoring!

You can trust Coyne for safe, proper installation of your propane tank. Contact us for more information!

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