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Temporary Heating Solutions in Northern & Central MI

Coyne helps you keep your projects going

temp heat

Winters here in central and northern Michigan can get intense. The average low temperature is 13˚F and can go much lower when the polar vortex pays us a visit.

That cold can make it challenging to work on construction and other projects. But Coyne’s temporary-heating services provide a solution that keeps your jobsite, workers and materials safe so that your projects can proceed without loss of time and money.

Our commercial-propane experts will go over your business’s temporary-heating needs and provide you with a FREE estimate. When we start our temporary-heating service with you, we provide:

  • commercial-heater and hose rentals
  • reliable bulk-propane delivery and tank services
  • emergency service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • technical information on local regulations, building codes and Btu requirements

Why you need temporary heating

Cold weather presents several problems on jobs.

It creates an unsafe environment for your workers, putting them at risk of frostbite and hypothermia. But Coyne’s propane temporary-heating equipment allows them to work in safety and comfort. Downtime is reduced while efficiency and productivity are increased.

Frozen ground is an obstacle to digging and to the pouring and curing of concrete. Propane ground warmers let your workers get those tasks done.

In cold conditions, the water in stucco can freeze before the stucco sets. If that happens, the stucco can crack. Temporary heating keeps the stucco safely warm while it sets up.

Paint, joint compound, spackle and other materials stay at the right consistency for application with temporary heating, which allows them to dry and cure as they should.

Temporary heating prevents ice crystals from forming in concrete and brick, protecting them from weaknesses.

Don’t let weather delay your projects. Contact Coyne to set up your temp heat service.

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