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Fleet Fueling in Mt. Pleasant

Trust Coyne to keep your fleet moving!

fleet fueling mt pleasant

When you have fleet vehicles and equipment, managing their fueling and fueling costs can seem like a full-time job at times.

With Coyne Oil & Propane, managing your business’s fuel usage is a piece of cake. We’re a family-owned local business that can meet your fleet-fueling needs in a responsive way that the big national fuel companies simply can’t. We provide bulk fuel delivery to make fueling efficient for your business.

Businesses like yours can also use our Pacific Pride commercial-fueling station, which is located behind our Citgo station at 910 W. Pickard Street in Mt. Pleasant. We accept Pacific Pride fueling cards, which can be used at thousands of locations throughout the United States and Canada, making the managmentn of fleet fueling even easier for you. We can help you set up your business’s Pacific Pride fleet-fueling card.

Here are the fuels we offer for fleet fueling:


Whether you are using gasoline for vehicles, commercial mowers or other commercial equipment, Coyne always has a reliable supply so that you can get the fuel you need. We offer 87-, 89-, and 93-octane gasoline both at our Pickard Street Citgo station and for delivery.

Diesel (& biodiesel) fuels

When you need on-road diesel for vehicles or off-road diesel for equipment, Coyne has you covered.

In addition to on- and off-road diesel, we also offer biodiesel. It’s an alternative fuel made from natural, renewable resources such as plant oils, animal fats and algae. It burns cleanly and can be custom-blended with diesel to provide many benefits to fleet vehicles and equipment that runs on diesel.

Blending biodiesel into your diesel fuel increases the lubricity of the fuel. The fuel then causes less wear on the engine and its parts, extending the life expectancy of the engine. And you do not need any engine modification to use a biodiesel or diesel-blended fuel.

If you use kerosene in your business, Coyne provides that as well.

Diesel exhaust fluid

Diesel engines today are required to use selective catalytic reduction (SCR) in their engines. Diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) helps increase fuel efficiency in diesel vehicles while dramatically reducing emissions.

Coyne provides bulk delivery of DEF to your business.

pacific pride

REC 90 non-ethanol fuel

REC 90 is recommended for recreational and landscaping equipment. It does not contain alcohol, which may be harmful to that equipment. We carry it at our Pickard Street Citgo.


E85 stands for a blend of 85% denatured ethanol fuel and 15% gasoline. It’s used in flex-fuel vehicles only. In flex-fuel vehicles, emissions are cut dramatically, helping the environment while supporting American agriculture.

Coyne is the fleet-fueling company you can count on. Contact us to find out all we can do to meet your fleet-fueling needs!

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