Propane is used in 48 million households as well as many businesses. What makes propane popular is what separates it from more conventional fuels, such as gasoline and diesel.

  • It is clean. The 1990 Clean Air Act lists propane as an approved clean fuel.
  • It is American-made. In fact, 95% of all propane consumed in this country is produced in North America, reducing our dependency on imported oil. Nearly 50,000 people are employed in American businesses involved in propane production, transportation and distribution.
  • Propane is an abundant fuel. More propane is produced in this country than we can use. And the U.S. is the leading producer of propane.
  • Propane typically costs less than gasoline, diesel fuel and home heating oil. Propane also comes from two sources — the refining of natural gas or of crude oil — so the price of propane will be more stable and less affected by speculators.
  • Propane creates fewer carbon emissions than gasoline or diesel.
  • As a motor fuel, propane leaves less residue in the engine, resulting in less wear on parts and lower maintenance costs.
  • The octane rating of propane is 105, compared to premium gas at 93.

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