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What Are the Advantages of Fleet Fueling?

Written on: December 27, 2022

Five reasons to choose Coyne as your highway fuel partner

fueling a fleet michigan If you manage a fleet of vehicles in Mt. Pleasant and other towns in central or northern Michigan, you know that keeping them filled with diesel, gasoline, E85 or other highway fuel can be a full-time job. A good portion of your workday — and probably some after-hours time, too — goes to fuel planning. If you slip up, your vehicles could end up sitting in lots or in line at service stations instead of on the road where they should be.

At Coyne Oil & Propane, we know fleet fueling. Many businesses count on us to keep their trucks moving, and we take that trust seriously. If you’re still collecting receipts from drivers and spending hours reconciling and cutting checks, we want to show you an easier way. We can bring our fuel to you with dependable gas or diesel delivery. We also provide companies with a single point of premium fueling at our Citgo station (910 W. Pickard Street in Mt. Pleasant).

Here are five reasons fleet fueling with Coyne is the way to go.

1. Saving your time — and your drivers

Whether you have us deliver your fuel directly to your fleet or send your drivers to our station, the process will be greatly simplified. This allows you to turn your attention to making your business even more productive.

And when you opt for onsite fueling, you won’t have to pay drivers to stand at the pump.

2. Cutting down your mileage

How far out of the way do your vehicles need to go to fill up? How many extra miles are you adding to the odometer with your current fueling procedures? Not only does this burn off more fuel in the process; the excess mileage also compounds and creates more wear and tear on your equipment.

3. Reducing the chance of fraud

When you depend on your drivers to pay for fuel themselves and then submit receipts for reimbursement, it creates more opportunities for fraud or human error. When you bring on the Coyne team, your drivers can focus on driving instead of submitting receipts. Even if you don’t receive deliveries from us, we can set your team up with Pacific Pride fleet-fueling cards. They make tracking expenses much simpler.

4. One fuel company to deal with

You can consolidate all your fueling accounts into one provider. Even better, you’ll entrust your fleet fueling to a local, community-focused company with nearly a century of experience!

5. Guaranteed quality fuel

We all know that fuel — especially diesel and gasoline — hasn’t been cheap lately. For the amount of money you are spending to fill your vehicle tanks, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best quality fuel.

You can’t feel confident about this when your drivers go to different stations and pumps. But with Coyne Oil & Propane, you can. We carry top-quality products, including:

Are you ready to set up a customized fleet fueling plan with the Coyne team? Contact us to get started.

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