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What Is a Propane Tank Monitor?

Written on: February 27, 2023

propane tank monitor michiganIf you’re one of the roughly 50 million American households that use propane, there’s a good chance you use it for more than one purpose. Propane is a seriously versatile fuel, powering a host of systems and appliances, including the following:

For the customers we serve in Mt. Pleasant, Clare, Cadillac, Breckinridge and other communities in central and northern Michigan, propane is also appealing because it doesn’t rely on utilities, which are increasingly prone to outages. You control your own energy in an onsite propane tank.

Coyne Oil & Propane helps customers with their propane storage needs. Most households choose to lease a propane tank with us. This option takes much of the stress and expense out of the equation. Our experts help you select the best tank, then handle the installation for free!

Choosing the best tank for your home

When looking for a stationary propane tank, you need to consider how much of your home’s equipment depends on propane.

One or two propane appliances

If you only have a couple of low-usage appliances — for example, a space heater or a cooking range — you can probably get by with a 60-gallon tank. However, you might need to go with a 120-gallon tank if you have multiple appliances or a fuel-intensive product like a pool heater.

Whole home heating and hot water

Once you start talking about powering a furnace, boiler or water heater along with your other propane appliances, you need to consider a bigger propane tank. We often install 320-gallon to 500-gallon tanks for homes with propane heating and hot water systems. For large homes, we even sometimes install a 1,000-gallon tank.

Once your propane tank is installed, Coyne’s propane delivery team will make sure it stays filled. We offer multiple options to ensure you never run out, including propane tank monitors.

Wireless propane tank monitors give your 100 percent peace of mind!

Winters can get downright glacial in our part of Michigan. When the temperatures are sub-freezing, you probably don’t feel like dashing outside to check your tank gauge. But you also can’t afford to run out of the propane that keeps your home warm.

For maximum convenience and security, we recommend installing a wireless propane tank monitor. These devices attach to your tank and continuously check your propane levels. You can access this data from your phone or another wireless device. It doesn’t matter if you’re in bed or on vacation — you’ll have access to your tank levels and can contact us to schedule a delivery.

Even better, you can pair a tank monitor with our Smart Keep Full automatic delivery service. We will monitor your real-time tank data and preemptively arrange your fuel delivery before you run low!
Do you own rental properties or host guests on Airbnb? Do you manage the fuel deliveries of an older relative? Propane tank monitoring is an excellent way to stay on top of propane deliveries without being physically close to the tank.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of tank monitoring, contact the Coyne team today.

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