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Propane Safety Tips During Summer Storms

Written on: May 23, 2022

Keep Your Home & Family Safe During Inclement Weather

storm safety michiganWe don’t always think of summer weather as dangerous, like a blizzard or cold snap. But summer thunderstorms can disrupt our lives. They frighten our children and pets, and the combination of heavy rain, wind, and lightning can threaten our homes.

The good news is that if you power your central or northern Michigan home with propane, your hot water, cooking, and laundry will probably work perfectly even during an electrical outage. You can also take comfort that propane is one of the safest fuels out there.

Even so, the Coyne Oil & Propane team wants to ensure that you and your family are prepared if a summer storm damages your propane storage or systems.

Tips for Summer Storm Safety

Here are eight practical tips to protect your propane-powered home before, during, and after a thunderstorm.

  1. Before the storm, check for propane leaks—even small ones. If you smell gas, follow our posted safety procedures.
  2. Ensure that everyone in your house knows what to do if there’s a leak and how to identify the smell of propane.
  3. Locate your gas main and be sure you can turn it off if necessary.
  4. Pay attention to announcements from local news and emergency services.
  5. Turn off your gas if you need to evacuate your home. This can prevent a fire while you’re gone.
  6. Stay clear of power lines, your propane tank, and other potential lightning conductors.
  7. After the storm ends and it’s safe to go outside, make note of fallen trees, downed power lines, and damage to your propane tank, lines and appliances.
  8. Never use candles, open flames or your cell phone while inspecting anything powered by propane. This could ignite your tank.

Coyne is Here to Help!

Once you have any idea of the situation around your home, do not try to clear hazards yourself. You should call the necessary professionals to deal with storm damage:

Coyne Oil & Propane is always there to help with your home comfort needs. Contact us to request fuel.

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