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Propane is heavier than air and may collect initially at low levels. It is important to look and smell for propane before attempting to light appliances. An odorant has been added to our propane to help detect leaks by smell. This odorant gives propane its “rotten egg” smell.

If you smell propane gas:

1. Extinguish all smoking material and open flames

  • DO NOT operate electric switches
  • DO NOT light matches
  • DO NOT use your phone

ANY SPARK in the area where propane gas is present may ignite the gas

2. Immediately evacuate the area.

3. Close all gas tank or cylinder supply valves.

4. Use your neighbor’s phone or cell phone outside the area in question. DO NOT re-enter the building/area.

5. Let the trained propane service person and firefighters check for escaped gas. Have them air out the area before you return.

6. Have the trained service person:

  • Repair the leak
  • Turn on the gas
  • Check all the gas appliances
  • Relight the pilots on the appliances

Tampering with company-owned equipment can result in accidental discharge of propane and cause injury.

Severe freeze burns or frostbite can result if propane liquid comes into contact with skin.

Propane may cause suffocation, flash fires, or explosions if gathered in high concentrations.

Please contact your local office if you suspect a propane leak or have questions about your equipment.