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Propane Delivery Service in Mt. Pleasant, Clare and Breckenridge, and Surrounding Communities

You can count on Coyne!

propane delivery

Are you one of the many people here in central and northern Michigan who use propane in their home? If so, you know about all the benefits propane offers, with its outstanding efficiency and versatility.

But to get those benefits, you need a propane-delivery company that you know will always make sure that you have the propane you need. Around here, that company is Coyne!

Keep Full propane delivery gives peace of mind

With life so busy these days, we’re all looking for ways to make things easier. Our Smart Keep Full takes some work off your to-do list and some stress out of your life. We install a free wireless propane-tank monitor to precisely track your propane usage. Thanks to the same wireless technology you use on your phone, we know in real time exactly how much propane you have and exactly when you need us to fill your tank. We make the delivery. With Smart Will Call, for a small fee you can use the wireless tank monitor to track how much propane you have, but you are still responsible for contacting us to request a delivery.

All of our propane delivery is done by trained, experienced delivery drivers who are dedicated to promptness, safety and courtesy.

Why Michiganders love propane

With propane, you get a comfortable, consistent heat that is much more energy-efficient than electricity. And propane keeps your home warm during cold snaps, something electricity struggles to do.

A propane water heater gives you more hot water faster than you would get with a comparable electric water heater. There’s not only energy savings, but less waiting between showers. You can eliminate the wait altogether with a propane tankless water heater that gives you endless hot water on demand.

Propane lets you cook on a gas range wherever you live—you don’t have to be in a community where there are natural-gas lines.

You can use propane for supplemental heating in fireplaces, hearths and space heaters.

Propane whole-house backup generators keep your home safe, warm and comfortable when the power goes out. You’ll have light, heating and cooling, food safely cold in the fridge and freezer, charged electronics and more.

Get your propane delivery and service from a local business with an outstanding record for dependability. Become a Coyne customer today!

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