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Heating-Oil Delivery in Mt. Pleasant, Breckenridge, Cadillac, MI and the Surrounding Area

Coyne helps keep your home warm and comfortable!

heating oil

Heating oil is known for getting homes warm fast. When you come in on a frigid Michigan day in January, you really appreciate that.

You’ll have peace of mind when you know that you’ll never run out of heating oil because you get it from Coyne Oil & Propane! For more than 90 years, we have been providing our neighbors here in central and northern Michigan with dependable, safe heating-oil delivery.

Heating-oil-tank services

Coyne also helps you with your heating oil tank. If you need a new tank, we expertly and safely install top-quality models.

Here’s how to know if you need a new heating-oil tank:

  • pinhole leaks on your tank
  • condensation remaining on the outside of the tank even after a heating-oil delivery
  • blistering of the paint on the tank

If you see any of these, contact us right away so that we can replace your heating-oil tank before it fails.

How can you protect your tank from corrosion? Keep it full throughout the summer! Warm weather and bare walls inside a heating-oil tank accelerate the development of condensation, which makes the tank more vulnerable not only to corrosion, but to the development of heating-oil sludge, which can clog your fuel lines and cause your furnace or boiler to fail. A full tank through the summer also means that you’ll be ready whenever the first cold spell hits without worrying if you have enough heating oil to get through it.

Contact us to find out more about our heating-oil services!

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