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Hassle-free Switch to Propane around Michigan including, Mt. Pleasant, Clare & Breckenridge

Coyne makes it easy to have propane in your home!

hassle free

Whether you are adding propane to your home or are switching propane-delivery companies, you’re going to have to make some changes.

You’re going to need a new propane tank and safety checks to make sure that your propane tank, lines and all your home’s propane appliances are properly and safely connected.

Coyne can handle that from beginning to end! We have the knowledgeable staff, service technicians and delivery professionals who will make sure your switch to propane is easy and worry-free!

Safety first

Coyne is committed to keeping our customers safe, so we make sure that all of our service technicians and propane-delivery drivers are trained to meet today’s best practices and standards for propane safety.

It starts with installing your tank. We verify that all permits have been secured, and that the concrete on which the tank will rest meets the distance requirements. If you are installing an underground propane tank, we handle that entire process.

If you enroll in the Smart Keep Full automatic propane-delivery plan, we’ll also install your FREE wireless propane-tank monitor.

When everything is done, our service technicians will perform a GAS (gas-appliance system) Check, a certified program that is a thorough safety inspection of your entire propane system, from the tanks to the lines to all propane appliances.

Looking for an easy, hassle-free switch to propane? Contact Coyne today to get started!

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