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Propane-Cylinder Refill and Exchange Services

Coyne helps keep your cookout going!

cylinder refills

When warm weather comes to northern and central Michigan, we’re ready to get out and enjoy the season. That enjoyment often involves time in our backyard, having family and friends over.

Propane cylinders can make your backyard a favorite destination. But an empty propane cylinder puts an end to a cookout.

Coyne makes it easy for you to always have enough propane in your cylinder. We have 18 propane-cylinder refill and exchange locations throughout our service area, so there’s one near you. You can choose to refill your own cylinder or exchange it for a fresh, full, clean and safe cylinder. We accept any brand of propane cylinder as long as it’s certified and safe to use.

Propane cylinders do much more than grill

While you know that propane cylinders are used for propane BBQ grills, that’s only the beginning of what they can do!

Propane cylinders come in several sizes and shapes for a wide variety of uses. In your backyard, they can be used for firepits, outdoor fireplaces and patio heaters. They also power portable generators and space heaters, which come in handy for people living off the grid.

RVers use propane cylinders for heating, air conditioning, water heating, cooking, and refrigeration. Campers use propane cylinders for heating and to power camp stoves.

Businesses use propane cylinders for forklifts and for temporary heating at construction and other job sites.

Customer Name Address City State ZIP Phone Location Link
ARCHERS ARCHERY, LLC 680 1\2 POSEYVILLE RD MIDLAND MI 48640 (989) 832-1672 Get Directions
CARRIEVILLE STORE 3038 N KINGS HWY LUTHER MI 49656 (231) 920-6089 Get Directions
CHESANING SALES 207 W BROAD ST CHESANING MI 48616 (989) 845-2030 Get Directions
CLARK HARDWARE 1117 STATE ST SAGINAW MI 48602 (989) 753-5611 Get Directions
CLOUSE AUBURN ACE HARDWARE, INC. 3280 S State Rd GLENNIE MI 48737 (989) 662-4761 Get Directions
CROFTON AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES 16575 GRATIOT RD HEMLOCK MI 48626 (989) 642-4423 Get Directions
FARWELL TRADING POST 720 W MAIN FARWELL MI 48622 (989) 588-4161 Get Directions
HOAGLUND HARDWARE 107 Church St TUSTIN MI 49688 (231) 829-3331 Get Directions
HORGERS FARM & AUTOMOTIVE 120 N SAGINAW ST ST CHARLES MI 48655 (989) 865-9212 Get Directions
KENT CITY MOBILE 345 S MAIN ST KENT CITY MI 49330 (616) 678-4108
KEVIN’S AUTO REPAIR 7071 E BLANCHARD RD SHEPHERD MI 48883 (989) 828-5873 Get Directions
LAKESIDE ACE HARDWARE 838 N MITCHELL ST CADILLAC MI 49601 (231) 878-3985 Get Directions
LEROY MILLING 107 N Kent St LEROY MI 49655 (231) 768-4441 Get Directions
MIDWAY OUTDOOR SUPPLY 11965 US 131 FIFE LAKE MI 49633 (231) 879-4130 Get Directions
MORGAN COMPOSTING 4353 US 10 SEARS MI 49679 (231) 734-2451 Get Directions
MT PLEASANT RENTAL CENTER 4995 E PICKARD MT PLEASANT MI 48858 (989) 773-4620 Get Directions
NIHAL PETROLEUM 11031 NORTHLAND DR BIG RAPIDS MI 49307 (231) 592-8622 Get Directions
OAB, INC 50 N COLDWATER RD WEIDMAN MI 48893 (989) 644-6622 Get Directions
ONE STOP RENT-ALL 2679 N MERIDIAN RD SANFORD MI 48657 (989) 687-5557 Get Directions
PAT’S DO IT BEST HARDWARE 7620 Midland Rd FREELAND MI 48623 (989) 695-9821 Get Directions
POHL’S MARKET 2921 W COLEMAN RD FARWELL MI 48622 (989) 588-6851 Get Directions
Q’S PRODUCE, PROPANE & GROCERIES 660 NORTH MAIN ST HERSEY MI 49639 (231) 832-7093 Get Directions
RESOURCE RENTAL LLC 11465 N MISSION RD CLARE MI 48617 (989) 424-6677 Get Directions
USA GILL PETROLEUM, LLC 601 E SAGINAW ST BRECKENRIDGE MI 48615 (989) 842-3367 Get Directions
WOHLFEIL’S HARDWARE 5818 STATE ST SAGINAW MI 48603 (989) 799-0942 Get Directions

Use your propane cylinders safely

When used properly, propane cylinders have a strong safety record. But you need to know how to use, handle and transport them safely. Here are some tips:

  • Don’t leave your propane cylinder (empty or full) in your car for long periods when bringing it for exchange or refill, especially in hot weather.
  • If possible, come straight to our cylinder refill and exchange site and go directly home. If not, plan your outing so that this is the last stop you make before going home.
  • Always keep your cylinder upright when you are transporting it, whether it’s empty or full. Propane can leak when the cylinder is on its side.
  • Store your propane cylinder outdoors and not in a garage, a shed, a carport, or a covered porch.
  • Keep propane cylinders off bare ground, as wet ground can cause the tank to rust. Placing it on a wood pallet is good for keeping it dry.
  • Never smoke while handling a propane cylinder or even when near it.

Have questions about the use of propane cylinders? Contact us and we’ll be happy to answer them.

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