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The Many Uses of Propane in Agriculture

Written on: August 22, 2022

See how farms, dairies, and orchards rely on propane

propane for farms michiganMichigan has an incredibly diverse and vibrant agricultural sector. Right now, over 50,000 farms produce more than 300 commodities.

While Michigan farms export about one-third of their products each year, many also service our numerous farmer’s markets (the third most in the U.S.!), wineries and craft breweries. We lead the nation in producing blueberries, tart cherries, pickling cucumbers, impatiens, squash, and petunias —to name a few notable crops.

The farmers of central and northern Michigan have to power their equipment, heat their barns, and power their out-buildings, and Coyne Oil & Propane is always there for agricultural fueling. Here are a few ways propane keeps Michigan farms producing!

Crop drying and weed control

Farmers risk losing much of their yield to rot from the elements without effective crop drying. The difference between long, inefficient air drying and propane drying is like night and day. Propane crop dryers are up to 50 percent more efficient than equipment that burns other fuels.

Removing weeds and invasive plants is a never-ending job on farms. But herbicides can damage soil and infiltrate groundwater. And prolonged exposure to these chemicals isn’t healthy for you or your workers. Propane flame weed control is the best solution to quickly clear unwanted plants without resorting to herbicides.

Portable space heating and power

Agricultural businesses have a lot of detached buildings and structures that need heat: barns, stables, poultry houses, greenhouses, and more.

Propane is an ideal fuel to keep your buildings and livestock warm. You can keep your greenhouses at the right temperature so your plants can thrive. Propane produces twice the heating energy as natural gas, and you don’t need access to a gas utility. It’s far more efficient than electric heating.

Standby propane generators ensure your facilities have the electricity to run milking machines, lights, and other needs.


On farms, dairies, and other agricultural ventures, forklifts are crucial for transporting materials quickly and efficiently. Because of their low emissions levels, propane forklifts may be used safely indoors and out. They’re more powerful than electric forklifts, can climb hills better, and can operate in rainy conditions. And unlike electric forklifts, they run at full speed until the last drop of fuel.

At Coyne Oil & Propane, we understand the needs of Michigan businesses, including agriculture. Contact us to start a discussion on your farm’s propane needs.

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