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Propane Delivery Made Easy

Written on: November 22, 2021

Smart Keep Full Automatic Delivery Program & Tank Monitoring

propane delivery michiganAs a homeowner, you have plenty to worry about. And after the challenges of the past year and a half, you deserve to have some things be easy for you. There are some expensive consequences to having the propane in your propane tank run out. Don’t leave your Michigan home in the cold, and don’t spend time worrying about how much propane is in your tank. At Coyne Oil & Propane, we offer tools to make being a propane customer much easier.

The consequences of a propane run-out

Running out of propane can be an expensive proposition. After a run-out, you must have your propane system inspected by a professional service technician. That safety inspection includes a leak test, pressure test, the inspection of your propane tank and all propane appliances, and the re-lighting of the pilot lights on your propane appliances. The price tag for an emergency propane delivery plus the inspection and pilot re-lighting is one you want to avoid. But you can easily avoid a propane run-out and the costs associated with it by adding a monitor to your tank and becoming a Smart Keep Full customer.

Propane tank monitors provide peace of mind

For a small fee, Coyne Oil & Propane offers wireless propane-tank monitors that puts the stats on your propane supply in the palm of your hand. As long as you have a wireless signal, you can see exactly how much propane is in your tank on your mobile device. Then, just call us to request a delivery before you run too low.

Let us do the math

Coyne Oil & Propane offers Smart Keep Full automatic delivery service. This makes being a propane customer as easy as possible. All you have to do is enroll and then sit back, relax, and let us take care of the rest. We’ll install a wireless propane tank monitor at no additional cost. Peace of mind and savings. What could be better than that?

Once you’re a Smart Keep Full customer, you’ll never again have to worry about how much propane is in your tank. And you’ll never have to call for a delivery. We’ll track your propane usage around the clock and then choose the best time to schedule the delivery for you. By enrolling in Smart Keep Full, you’ll eliminate the risk of a run-out and the costs and stress that come with it. Coyne will make sure to get you the propane you need when you need it.

You can count on Coyne Oil & Propane. We’ve been serving homes and businesses around central and northern Michigan for more than 90 years. If you’re looking for reliable and courteous service, then look no further than us. Click here to see if you live in our service area.

With propane, you get comfortable, consistent, energy-efficient heat. With Coyne Oil & Propane, you get propane delivery and service from a local business with an outstanding record for dependability. Contact us today to become a customer or learn more. We’re here for you!

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