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Written on: March 28, 2022

Fuel, Lubricants & Temp Heat for Our Commercial Clients

commercial fuel supply michiganWhen you run a construction site, transportation company, commercial farm or manufacturing plant, you’ve got a lot on your plate. Arranging supplies to keep your equipment fueled and lubricated and your site adequately heated can easily fall through the cracks. And letting these concerns lapse can have serious, costly consequences!

For nearly one century, Coyne Oil & Propane has provided friendly, dependable fuel services to central and northern Michigan businesses. We are on the spot when commercial clients need us most. Plus, we are a community-focused company, meaning that we understand the needs of companies in this region.

Let’s break down the services that Coyne can offer your business.

We Keep your Fleet Vehicles on the Road

We know that fueling your company’s fleet vehicles and equipment can be maddening when you rely on a non-responsive national chain. Coyne makes the process a breeze. We have a convenient commercial-fueling station at our Citgo (910 W. Pickard Street in Mt. Pleasant). We provide:

Coyne accepts Pacific Pride fleet fueling cards, which we can even help you set up!

We Take Care of Your Equipment’s Lubrication Needs

Simply put, our team knows industrial lubricants. We can go through the products that your business needs and ensure you’re using them to maximum efficiency.

Coyne sells products from leading producers like Petro-Canada and the D-A Lubricant Company, including:

We Deliver Bulk Propane for Your Company’s Needs

Is your laundromat or hotel looking for high-volume clothes-drying power? Does your office need backup power generation? Do your warehouse’s forklifts need fuel to run reliably?

Propane is the solution to all these commercial power needs, and Coyne has a ready supply and the most reliable bulk delivery drivers in the region. We also offer environmentally-friendly propane autogas at our Interlochen, Mt. Pleasant and Breckenridge offices.

We Heat Your Outdoor Worksite

Without a doubt, it can get icy in this part of Michigan. Even in the spring, the nights can be frigid. Suppose you are looking to provide a safe environment for your outdoor team or warm a worksite to ensure no construction delays. In that case, temporary propane heating is the ideal solution.

Coyne’s experts will discuss your site’s particular needs and design a heating plan to meet them perfectly!

We Bring Power to the Farm

Coyne also provides propane to agricultural businesses for crop drying, weed control, livestock and water heating, fueling large equipment and backup generators.

As you can see, the fueling professionals at Coyne Oil & Propane have a wide range of products and services to power almost any type of commercial endeavor.

What can we do for your business? Contact us today to set up an appointment.

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