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Coyne Oil Corporation – Lubricants Division

The Coyne Family has been in the lubricants business for many years. Presently, our major lubricants supplier is Petro–Canada. It is a major oil and gas company and a leader in the Canadian Petroleum Industry. The company is actively involved in the exploration and development of oil and gas. The conversion of crude oil into refined products includes gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, asphalt and lubricants. The Lubricants Division of Petro-Canada produces exceptionally high-quality lubricants, specialty fluids and grease products.

The company also produces VHVI ultra pure, synthetic base fluids. This is a less costly alternative to the more expensive PAO synthetics.

Let Coyne Oil review your lubricant needs. Our lubricants specialists will be able to help your program — show you how to use fewer lubricants, how to simplify your application schedule and how to lower your costs.

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