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Is Propane a Good Home Fuel?

Written on: September 26, 2022

Propane is dependable and versatile — and we make it easy to switch

propane benefits michiganHave you noticed that more and more homes in your neighborhood have propane tanks in their yards? As the most trusted home fuel provider in central Michigan, we’ve certainly noticed. Since 1930, we’ve been helping households and businesses get set up with dependable propane service.

Here are some reasons why propane is the stress-free home fuel option that guarantees comfort to Michigan families.

Propane is efficient and cost-effective

We know homeowners are looking for any way to save money on energy spending these days. With propane, you can enjoy robust heat and maximum energy efficiency. In today’s high-efficiency boilers and furnaces, it burns with over 90 percent efficiency. So, you lose virtually no heat energy in the process.

And propane provides a lot of heat! It produces more than twice the heat energy per cubic foot than natural gas. Propane heats the air far better than an electric heat pump, too. In short, you get much more home comfort for your fuel with propane!

Propane is reliable

When you power your home’s heating, hot water, and appliances with propane, you control your fuel supply. Houses that rely on natural gas and electricity to stay comfortable are at the mercy of utility companies and an overburdened power grid. A gas leak could put your whole block out of commission in the winter cold.

Propane comes to you, and you have dedicated storage on your property. Homes that invest in a propane power generator can weather all-too-common blackouts without interruptions to refrigeration, hot water and laundry!

And with a trustworthy propane delivery partner like Coyne Oil & Propane, your tank will stay filled.

Propane in versatile

Propane is one of the most adaptable home fuels on the market. Its uses aren’t limited to heating and hot water. You can power a host of fantastic products and amenities from the same propane tank, including:

Coyne makes getting set up EASY!

At Coyne, we are proud to provide a hassle-free switch for new propane customers. We know that changing fuels and providers can be anxiety-producing, so we make the process as low-stress as possible.
We handle your propane installation from beginning to end, including:

We’ve been doing these installations and switches for decades, and our skilled team has the process down pat. We’ll get your propane storage in place and your home back online quickly and safely. And if you enroll in our Keep Full automatic delivery service, we’ll install a wireless tank monitor on your propane tankfree of charge!

You deserve a propane company that makes your home comfortable both easy and reliable. Contact us to join the Coyne customer family.

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