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How Long Will My Grill Tank Last?

Written on: October 31, 2022

Everything you need to know to keep your barbecue sizzling

propane tank refill michigan It’s football season in Michigan, and whether you’re tuning into the college games on Saturday or the pros on Sunday, there’s a good chance you’re also firing up the grill. For 61 percent of American grill owners, propane is the fuel of choice.

Propane creates a powerful, steady flame that you can control for precise temperature settings. Propane produces no soot and imparts no chemical taste, so your rib eyes, burgers, fish filets, and chicken wings will taste exactly the way you want. And when you’re done cooking, just close your propane cylinder and give your grate a quick cleaning. Easy peasy!

One thing you need to worry about, though, is having enough propane on hand, so your grill flame doesn’t go out. The propane delivery experts at Coyne can help you with that. Here are a few tips for ensuring your portable propane cylinder will last the whole cookout.

20 pounds is the right tank size for your grill

Far and away, the 20-pound propane tank (also called a 5-gallon tank) is the best cylinder size for a freestanding grill. Most grills have cabinet storage intended for a 20-pound cylinder. You’ll often find this size in home stores, hardware stores, garden centers, and gas stations.

Alternatively, you can attach a 30- and 40-pound portable tank to your grill, but these are less common sizes.

Finally, you can have a technician run a line from your home’s stationary propane tank to your barbecue. But this has downsides. Your freestanding grill will no longer be mobile. Also, an outdoor line increases the risk of unintended gas leaks.

How much cooking a 20-pound tank provides

A 20-pound tank of propane lasts between 18 and 20 hours on a medium grill. A large grill will burn through the same amount of fuel in closer to 10 hours. Generally, a medium grill can handle eight to 10 full-meal cooking sessions (at high heat) per tank.

3 ways to check how much propane is in your grill tank

  1. Weight it. There’s a marking near the neck of your cylinder that says TW (Tare Weight) and a number. This is the unfilled weight of your cylinder. By weighing your cylinder and deducting the TW, you can determine how much fuel is in there.
  2. Pour hot water on it. Propane absorbs heat. You can determine your fill line by pouring hot water over the cylinder and feeling for where the metal is cool.
  3. Buy an external tank gauge. These attach to your cylinder’s valve. They come in digital and analog formats and can tell you your percentage left and even your remaining cook time!

Coyne has you covered for grill propane

Are you looking for premium propane for your grill? Coyne Oil & Propane has you covered. We have 18 portable propane tank refill and exchange locations throughout central and northern Michigan. Just bring your certified and safe cylinder to a station and get set up with a full tank of propane!

Become a Coyne customer today to receive the best fuel services in the region.

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