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Coyne Oil & Propane gladly accepts cash, check, money order and credit card payments.


Coyne Oil & Propane terms are net-30 from the date of delivery. Budget payments are due by the 20th of each month. Pay at time of delivery customers must pay in advance or at time of delivery.

Cash Discount

Customers who pay at the time of delivery, or within 8 days of their delivery with cash, check or money order, will receive a discount on deliveries of 200 gallons or more. Credit card payments are not eligible for a discount.

Approved Credit

To establish credit, Coyne Oil & Propane will need to obtain a credit report. Information will be strictly confidential. Customers who would not like a credit report pulled will be required to pay prior to delivery or at the time of delivery. To participate in the Fixed Price Programs, customers must meet a required credit rating.