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Why Propane Is the Right Choice

Comfort and efficiency: What’s not to love?

why propane

When it comes to comfort, versatility, energy efficiency and cost efficiency, propane can’t be beat! Here’s just some of what it does for you:

  • Propane gives even, comfortable and energy-efficient home heating
  • A propane water heater gets more water hot much faster than electric water heaters, saving you money on water-heating costs
  • You get cozy, comfortable warmth from a propane fireplace without any work or mess
  • Keep your home safe and comfortable when the power goes out by installing a propane whole-house backup generator that can keep lights on, preserve food at a safe temperature, and keep appliances running and electronics charged
  • Propane does a lot on farms, including supplemental power, crop drying, running equipment and heating buildings
  • Businesses use propane for forklifts, commercial kitchens, commercial generators, heating and more

Propane: clean and green

A low-carbon future is good for our planet. The challenge we face is how to meet the constantly increasing global energy needs while striving towards that future.
Propane is a great solution for both homes and businesses because of its environmental friendliness.

Did you know that propane is listed as an alternative fuel in both the 1990 Clean Air Act and the 1992 National Energy Policy? It’s because propane’s clean burning creates almost zero greenhouse gas emissions.

You don’t have to sacrifice on power to reduce your carbon footprint. That’s because propane provides better energy efficiency. For example, a propane clothes dryer gets a load of laundry dry 25% faster than a comparable electric dryer. High-efficiency propane furnaces and boilers can reach efficiencies of 98%! You not only don’t lose a bit of comfort, but you’ll also save on energy costs!

Propane’s low emissions and high-energy output can be applied in a wide range of home appliances including heating systems, water heaters, ranges and cooktops, clothes dryers, fireplaces, space heaters, outdoor fireplaces and firepits, pool and spa heaters, grills, deck and patio heaters, and more!

Propane also provides a low-carbon solution in commercial applications, including transportation and vehicle fleets, farms, manufacturing, warehouses and distribution centers, and hospitality businesses like restaurants, hotels, resorts, and event centers.

By using propane instead of electricity or other fuels, you can dramatically shrink the environmental impact of your home or business.

Anyone can have propane

Like what you’re seeing about propane? There’s another reason it’s great. You can get all of these benefits no matter where you live. Your reliably delivered propane is stored right at your home in your propane tank.

You aren’t dependent on a natural-gas utility’s lines being in your neighborhood. You also aren’t at the mercy of that gas utility’s infrastructure and losing your service because of something going wrong. With propane, you won’t be without gas for heating, water heating, cooking or any of your other needs.

Coyne can deliver the propane your home requires. Become a customer today for reliable propane delivery!

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